Trial Methods set out to take the pulse of the public by questioning jury-eligible people across the country about their attitudes pertaining to litigation in 2017. Respondents were from geographically, politically and demographically diverse regions and asked a series of questions online. The results of the survey follow:


Percent Agree
Plaintiffs often exaggerate their claims in order to increase damage awards 74%
Making corporations pay big jury awards is the best way to make them follow the law 69%
If a case makes it to trial it is likely there is some truth to the plaintiff’s claims 59%
It would be difficult for me to deliver a jury verdict that meant an injured party would receive no money 53%

If you heard about allegations of corporate misconduct which would you be most likely to believe? Percent Agree
The corporation did something wrong 59%
Someone is trying to get some easy money 41%

Generally do you think individuals who file lawsuits are: Percent Agree
Trying to place responsibility where it belongs 64%
Refusing to take responsibility for their actions 36%

Do you agree or disagree with the idea of awarding punitive damages? Percent Agree
Strongly agree 29%
Tend to agree 57%
Tend to disagree 14%
Strongly disagree 0%


Percent Agree
Companies frequently sue other companies for bad business deals 73%
A company will break a contract if it thinks it can get away with it 72%


Percent Agree
Corporations are more unethical today than they were 5 years ago 58%
Juries should punish corporations for unethical conduct even if that conduct was legal 45%


Percent Agree
We need to strengthen laws against employer discrimination in this country 66%

How common is race discrimination on the job in the U.S.? Percent Agree
Very common 17%
Common 48%
Uncommon 32%
Very uncommon 3%

How common is gender discrimination on the job in the U.S.? Percent Agree
Very common 21%
Common 44%
Uncommon 29%
Very uncommon 6%


Percent Agree
Insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid paying claims to their policy holders 72%


Percent Agree
Recent media coverage of police shootings has been slanted against the police 71%
Police officers think they are above the law 48%
It is common for a police officer to use excessive force 43%
I worry about my loved ones being injured by a police officer 28%


Percent Agree
If I served as a juror I would hope for visuals to accompany the arguments 82%
If I served as a juror I would expect visuals to accompany the arguments 75%

When learning about a new concept how important are visuals? Percent Agree
Very important 64%
Somewhat important 35%
Not at all important 1%