With or without the research conducted for the case, Trial Methods will help the trial team refine the case story, themes, witness testimony and demonstratives. Your legal team will ultimately understand the jury psychology that plays a pivotal role in your trial strategy. Problem areas will be identified along with workable solutions to overcome such challenges

Trial Strategy Memo

A cost effective way to understand your trial landscape is the trial strategy memo. After reviewing case materials and learning about a case with the trial team, Trial Methods will write a memo that summarizes the crucial issues in the case, focuses on anticipated juror questions and answers, suggests key themes and arguments, and provides a comprehensive jury selection strategy. This roadmap helps ensure that you present the strongest case when it matters most.

Witness Prep

Trial Methods works side-by-side with the lawyers to prepare both fact and expert witnesses, and identifies style and content problems that reduce the clarity or credibility of the intended message. Fully trained to recognize and correct problem areas in audience perception and bias, Trial Methods enhances verbal and nonverbal communication, presentation and delivery.

In Court Room Observations

Trial Methods will attend the entire trial or key parts of it and look through an objective lens to let you know exactly what is working and what isn’t in enough time to affect change. Feedback is provided on overall impressions, jury reaction, messages, themes, witnesses and techniques that will help you make both strategic and tactical adjustments to your trial roadmap in real-time.

Mock Trial

Jury Selection