mock trials
This research format incorporates presentations for each side of the case in front of a live group of participants in the trial venue. The goal is to collect in-depth information about juror decision-making through individual questionnaires and simulated jury deliberations. While the basic format is consistent, the methodology is responsive to the overarching goals of the client. Mock juries offer insight into case themes, key arguments, witness testimony and the range of and rationale for damages.

Mock Arbitration

If the key decision maker in your case is a judge, arbitrator, or mediator, Trial Methods will recruit a panel of mock judges, mock arbitrators, or mock mediators that approximate your actual decision maker. This format offers tremendous insight into what will work for the real hearing and what aspects of your case need improvement. Feedback from the panel refines strategy and enhances the prospect of winning.

Venue Attitude Survey

A quick and informative way to learn about your trial venue. A Venue Attitude Survey evaluates relevant attitudes and opinions of jury-qualified members. Trial Methods is well versed in both phone and internet-based surveys. This service will generate a useful preview of what to expect at trial, and also build a strong juror profile using powerful statistical analyses. This time and cost efficient service can be used at many different junctures throughout the litigation process.

Case Constulting

Jury Selection